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AWARE is a free guide designed to introduce you to the Trauma Competency Framework™.

There is so much information on trauma, but what is most relevant and applicable for your profession?

Trauma is reality that most humans have experienced-so it only makes sense that as helping or human-facing professionals we increase our awareness and consideration of this reality.

In this guide you will explore:

  • What is trauma?
  • What are the 4 levels of the Trauma Competency Framework™?
  • Which competency is appropriate for my scope of practice?
  • How do I strengthen my trauma competency?

This guide will create shared language and understanding around trauma and then explore the Trauma Competency Framework™ developed by Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S. You will be able to discern which competency level is best for your scope of practice and optional resources and suggested pathways to reach that competency level.

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